Phoenix 2011 Day 4

Spent the day checking out condo units at the north end of the city. Saw a total of 13 units between yesterday and today, and they are becoming a bit of a blur so I created a spreadsheet to record their details, including pros and cons. No clear winner has emerged…

Went for lupper at TGI Fridays around 4pm, then drove downtown to the US Airways Center to watch the Suns squeak one out over the evil Spurs. The row 10 seats right behind the goal (Suns’ end) were awesome! The two meth-heads (speculation) sitting to my right were the only downer. They screamed at the top of their lungs all games for the Spurs, but during halftime, everyone around us decided to make the second half miserable for them. This was a lot of fun actually, and they actually got into arguments with several fans. At one point the guy beside me freaked out because I was clapping those irritating noise sticks too close to his face or something. I almost felt bad for them because people were clapping them right over their heads (from behind), in their faces (from in front), and on either side. We’re just happy the Suns hung on. Very entertaining game nonetheless. Barb spied the two of us on the scoreboard cheering during one of those “make noise!” rallies, but I didn’t see it. I bought a game jersey which I wore proudly. I figure over 50% of fans has Suns jerseys on, and probably 90% of them were Steve Nash #13 like mine.

Plan to relax by the pool tomorrow and discuss the candidate condos. Still pretty sore today from golfing, so I will probably wait until Friday to play again.

Phoenix 2011 Day 3

I teed off at 6:30 this morning and was done just after 9am: incredible! The Legacy is a tough course, and I was lucky to scrap out a 48 on the front nine, but I tore up the back nine with a 41, scoring par on five holes. It’s not every day you can play 18 holes in 2.5h. I got back to the room and still had my whole day ahead of me.

We went shopping at Target and got some more supplies and some clothes.  We had a 2pm appointment with a realtor to check out some condos, and did some more shopping in Chandler at their giant shopping mall. The condos were neat, and we will be seeing more tomorrow.

When we got back, we headed to the pool to catch the last hour and a half of sun. It was pretty warm today, having reached 29C. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Phoenix 2011 Day 2

Woke up, ate leftover pizza for breakfast, then went to the golf course to hit some balls. We’re used to practicing at the Dome back home, and hitting off faux-grass mats. Switching to turf can be difficult because you can really chunk the club into the turn, whereas on the matt it will bounce back and keep moving, giving you a false sense of security. Need to practice more!

With a few of the cobwebs dusted off, we decided to golf this afternoon at a nice little 9-hole executive course called the Encanto 9. Encanto Park is a gorgeous facility, and this little course is adjacent to it. There were some longer 250+ yard par 4’s, which was nice because unlike most executive courses, I could actually hit my driver. I almost drove a couple of the greens too. Only a few pars and no birdies, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Barb had fun too and made some great shots. I loved it so much that I booked a 6:30am tee time at Legacy on Tuesday. So far it looks like I may be going out alone.

After golf we hit the pool area. It got up to 28C so it was very pleasant. The pool was fairly warm, and the sun felt great. We lounged around for 45 minutes or so before heading back to the room.

Had dinner at Aunt Chilada’s (no kidding!) which was FANTASTIC. Pretty spicy though! There were mallard ducks walking all over the place like they owned the joint. Afterwards I spied a mammoth Fry’s Electronics store across the road and we walked around for about an hour, and there was still much that we did not see. This place had everything imaginable, and much that wasn’t. There were computer components, electronic components (resistors, circuit boards, IC chips), a vast number of computers, more TVs than I have ever seen in one place, AV components, dozens of metres of DVDs, gaming consoles galore, it was just insane.

Phoenix 2011 Begins

We arrived in Phoenix this morning just before 9:45 local time after a 3.25h flight. After a long walk to the baggage claim area, and a longer shuttle ride to the rental car area, we drove to the resort which was just a few minutes from the airport.

The Legacy Golf Resort is quite the place. The on-site course is quite a ewel apparently, and green fees are priced accordingly. That said, there are deals to be had if one is patient and waits for the afternoon to tee off. We will probably play this course once or twice and try some other local offerings, including a simple par-3 executive-style course that Barb would feel more comfortable at.

The weather when we landed was barely warmer than what we left in Winnipeg, but it quickly rose from 10C to almost 20C by late afternoon. We checked out the mammoth Phoenix outlet mall which is a nice, air-conditioned venue replete with a food court and movie theatre multiplex

The forecast promises scorching temperatures later in the week, culminating at 36C on Saturday when we will be at Chase Field watching the Diamondbacks play on my birthday, no less.

Thursday we will watch the Suns play the evil Spurs from San Antonio. We also plan to go hiking in the mountains and maybe check out the local real estate market.