Windows 10 Insider Preview: Moved Data Folder

I wanted to try the recently announced Windows 10 Bash prompt aka Windows Subsystem for Linux.

To do this I changed my Windows Update settings to the Fast Ring and next day I received a pretty big Windows Update. I was then able to enable Windows Subsystem for Linux from Windows Features section. However the next day when I went to start VMware Workstation it complained that my VMs were gone. To my horror my C:\Data\Virtual Machines folder was missing, and in its place was something called SharedData which contained some empty sub-folders..

I noticed a Windows.old in my folder and sure enough, my original C:\Data folder along with all sub-folders including Virtual Machines was in there. I moved it back to C:\Data but it will be interesting to see if Windows decides to allow it to stay there. I’ll be sure to back it up regularly.

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