Phoenix 2011 Begins

We arrived in Phoenix this morning just before 9:45 local time after a 3.25h flight. After a long walk to the baggage claim area, and a longer shuttle ride to the rental car area, we drove to the resort which was just a few minutes from the airport.

The Legacy Golf Resort is quite the place. The on-site course is quite a ewel apparently, and green fees are priced accordingly. That said, there are deals to be had if one is patient and waits for the afternoon to tee off. We will probably play this course once or twice and try some other local offerings, including a simple par-3 executive-style course that Barb would feel more comfortable at.

The weather when we landed was barely warmer than what we left in Winnipeg, but it quickly rose from 10C to almost 20C by late afternoon. We checked out the mammoth Phoenix outlet mall which is a nice, air-conditioned venue replete with a food court and movie theatre multiplex

The forecast promises scorching temperatures later in the week, culminating at 36C on Saturday when we will be at Chase Field watching the Diamondbacks play on my birthday, no less.

Thursday we will watch the Suns play the evil Spurs from San Antonio. We also plan to go hiking in the mountains and maybe check out the local real estate market.

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