Mexico: Day Eight

7:30 alarm was set but unnecessary. We had trouble falling asleep for some reason, but ended up with a great rest and were both awake and up by 7:20. We ordered room service and showered, then ate breakfast on the patio one more time before returning to brush our teeth and finish packing the remainder of our items. We called for the bellboy at 8:30 then went to the Preferred Club to check out and print our boarding passes. After a short wait in the lobby, our van arrived to take us to the airport.

Check-in went smoothly with a short line, and we naturally took the express line since we had out boarding passes already. This was pointless since they line for normal passengers emptied out faster than ours! But no matter. A quick run through the security gates and Barb went duty-free shopping while I waited around for her.

Once she was done, we decided to try for a quick bite at TGI Fridays, even though we only had 20 minutes until boarding was to begin. While waiting for our snack, we saw the schedule board change to show that our flight was boarding, so we asked them to please hurry, and within a minute we were shoveling back some excellent potato skins at a record pace. We scurried across the airport and arrived just as the last few passengers were boarding, so no problem. There were even a few that boarded after us. We left about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and took off. Once again, the plane was far from full so we got to sit with a space between us. This won’t happen when it’s January or February, but it makes the flight a lot more comfortable.

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