Mexico: Day Seven

Last day!

Woke up a little late, so we started with an excellent room-service breakfast. Barb went to get chairs by the ocean, while I grabbed towels. We baked in the sun for a bit, watch an argument between some Germans and Quebecois over reserving chairs with towels, then went for a long walk on the beach. The Mexican who showed us the condos for sale asked us half-jokingly as we walked by, “have you made a decision on my house?” As if he remembers us, that was almost a week ago!

We returned and went for lunch at the poolside patio where I had my staple, Tex-Mex nachos. Excellent as usual. Barb enjoyed her won-tons and steak. My arm got pooped on by a bird that was walking on the open-air roof over us, so we left before it found a better target.

We returned to the room for a break from the sun and to call home. Stephie and Sara said that Molly was doing a little better (she was acting sick, lying around and doing nothing, not even eating, so we suspected another bladder infection) so we were relieved. We called Lisa and Mike, but Mike and Amy were arguing so we had a quick chat with Emily. Then Barb called her parents who told us about the cruise ship incident and how her sister Betty went with her daughter and grandkids to Jamaica on a last-minute seat sale. How nice! Maybe now that Betty is retiring, she can accompany us on some trips.

We went back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon and grabbed what sun remained. Barb bought some jewelry from beach vendors, then we went upstairs to shower. Before dinner, Barb went and did some more shopping while I chilled in the room. We ordered room service for dinner instead of going to the Italian restaurant again. It was excellent. Room service is definitely underrated!

We spent the rest of the evening variously writing blogs and researching future trips! Oh and we started packing. Our bus comes at 9:30am tomorrow to take us to the airport for our 12:30 flight home.

It was an excellent vacation. With Stephanie, Eric sand Chloe living with us, and with me being crushed with work for the past many months, it was great for me and Barb to be able to spend some quiet time together. At the same time, we are missing our family and our puppies, and they are missing us, so it will be nice to go home.

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