Mexico: Day Six

Preferred Club breakfast no more! There were no eggs or French toast for Barb today, and apparently there were no eggs yesterday and she got the last piece of French toast, so that’s that. We went to the World Café for buffet breakfast, and we liked the impressive selection. Plus it was all fresh.

To the beach! It was overcast all morning, but warm, so we stayed under a palapa and read our books. Mine btw is another outlaw motorcycle gang-oriented read called Dead Man Running which is about a Bandito hang around who turns informant to Australia’s various law enforcement agencies and the obstacles, including political and bureaucratic, that intercede to put his life in danger, causing him to flee the country. Quite interesting, and quite different than what I read here last winter, No Angel, which details an FBI undercover agent’s two year operation. The former is about a  bad guy turning good, while the latter is about a good guy turning bad (almost).

We went for another kayak ride in the afternoon. It was rougher out there but still very nice. After returning we went for a drink in the infinity pool to cool off, then sat on the boardwalk lounge chairs to catch more sun. As the afternoon sun started to fade, we went back to the room and enjoyed a relaxing hot tub on the balcony.

After a shower and siesta, we got ready for Mexican night. They had set up for a big dinner by the pool, but sadly then had to cancel because it started to rain (lightly) just before it was about to begin. We headed to the World Café which is where they moved the dinner. Perhaps not surprisingly, there wasn’t much on the menu that I was into…

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