Mexico: Day Four

It was very warm to start the day and virtually clear, so we secured a palapa and chairs at the beach. Yet another breakfast in the Preferred Club started the day nicely, then we applied sunscreen and soaked up some rays. After a couple hours, we took a nice stroll north along the beach to see some other resorts, then returned and went for a swim in the ocean. Despite the jellyfish warning flag at our resort, there were plenty of others swimming and no warning flags were up at other resorts, and it turned out nice. That water is sure beautiful! There are some sharp-ish rocks in the water, unlike the beach, which makes it a bit unpleasant at times, but it’s a small price to pay.

After the ocean, we went to the infinity pool and guzzled back several drinks in rapid succession which, combined with a generous exposure to the baking sun, left us feeling a little tipsy. Plus we were well past lunch time, so after drying off, we went the poolside Ocean restaurant where I had Tex-Mex nachos (again) while Barb had won-tons and a steak (again). We went back to our beach chairs and rested before giving way to another wedding at the beach and heading back to our rooms for more rest and to prepare for dinner at the Italian restaurant (again!) while there I checked email and attended to a work issue!

Today was definitely the hottest and nicest day so far. As an aside, my skin, not the muscles beneath, was quite sore from the vigorous massage yesterday. Maybe I’ll take a rain check on the other massage I was considering…

Update: got lazy and ordered room service instead of going out for dinner. It was excellent!

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