Mexico: Day Three

Today we decided to visit the town of Puerto Moreles. We walked there in February from this resort but it seemed like a struggle, probably because I had terrible blistering from my sunburn. In any case, we didn’t feel much like walking around the town so we saw the leaning lighthouse and walked back.

We had another quick but pleasant breakfast at the Preferred Club (the bacon was far from crispy, unfortunately) then walked to the lobby to catch a cab to PM. We thought we’d walk around and shop, see the town, and then walk back along the beach. I took my new Samsung Captivate phone with the intention of using its GPS to track our walk.

We shopped at the limited stores. Pretty much the same stuff was available at every place: t-shirts, jewelery of questionable constitution, ponchos, hats, domino sets (!), and the like. We bought a few items including a cute little Corona cowgirl hat for Barb. Then we walked out on the pier to get a view of the town from the ocean. It’s a very nice little place and we quite enjoyed ourselves out there, until we saw a large fishing boat come back and dock. That’s when we noticed some poor sap making some horrible sounds as he sat on the boat puking his guts out! I felt bad for the others on the boat, including a couple ladies, who didn’t seem to have any trouble with the relatively calm sea. Put a bit of a damper on the pier walk.

As we made our way back to the resort by way of the beautiful sandy coastline, the waves were sometimes working their way up our legs to our shorts. That’s when I though I should move my cell phone to the bad so it’s protected from water. But I was unable to locate the phone anywhere! The thought of the cabbie or a subsequent passenger finding it and selling it on e-bay taunted me. Once we returned to the resort, which didn’t seem to take nearly as long as I’d remembered it would, I went to the front desk to report the loss and they said they would talk to the cab drivers. I was surprisingly optimistic, in (predictably) stark contrast to Barb, that it would be returned, and sure enough, after waiting 30-some minutes, the call came in that the driver had returned it to the resort. I claimed the phone and left a nice little reward for the concierge who orchestrated the search and the driver who was honest enough to return it.

By this time, it was early afternoon. The skies turned dark so we grabbed a quick lunch (pizza and a burger) then went to the on-site spa for a massage and facial. I had a 50-minute back and shoulders massage, and was astonished at the sort of pressure the tiny little Mexican woman was able to apply. Barb liked her facial too, and even fell asleep she found it so relaxing. Afterward we did the hydrotherapy circuit, had a hot tub and steam bath, relaxed in some lounge chairs, then had a nice outdoor shower. Extremely relaxing!

After a snack by the pool, we returned to the room to relax and read since the skies were quite menacing at sundown. Not sure if we’ll bother going for dinner tonight given that we ate our snack at around 5pm, but we’ll probably wander around and have a drink in the lobby before we retire.

Update: we ended up at the world cafe restaurant for a late-night dinner and returned with a DVD to watch in our room, but alas, I was unable to get the DVD to show up on the tv. It played sound but no picture, and yes, I checked the cables…

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