VMware Workstation 7.1 and Ubuntu 10.10

Ever since my work computer’s hard disk crashed and I reinstalled VMware Workstation 7.1.2 on Ubuntu 10.10, I get an annoying dialog every time I start Workstation telling me that certain modules need to be compiled. The last, VMCI Sockets, always fails with a compiler error. Apparently the kernel in 10.10 breaks the compile. Here’s how to fix it:

wget http://www.debuntu.org/sites/www.debuntu.org/files/vmware-7.1-ubuntu10.10-patch-v2.tar_.gz
tar -xzvf vmware-7.1-ubuntu10.10-patch-v2.tar_.gz
cd vmware-7.1-ubuntu10.10-patch 
sudo sh ./apply_patch.sh

Sweet! Thanks to this site for the instructions.

Mexico: Day Eight

7:30 alarm was set but unnecessary. We had trouble falling asleep for some reason, but ended up with a great rest and were both awake and up by 7:20. We ordered room service and showered, then ate breakfast on the patio one more time before returning to brush our teeth and finish packing the remainder of our items. We called for the bellboy at 8:30 then went to the Preferred Club to check out and print our boarding passes. After a short wait in the lobby, our van arrived to take us to the airport.

Check-in went smoothly with a short line, and we naturally took the express line since we had out boarding passes already. This was pointless since they line for normal passengers emptied out faster than ours! But no matter. A quick run through the security gates and Barb went duty-free shopping while I waited around for her.

Once she was done, we decided to try for a quick bite at TGI Fridays, even though we only had 20 minutes until boarding was to begin. While waiting for our snack, we saw the schedule board change to show that our flight was boarding, so we asked them to please hurry, and within a minute we were shoveling back some excellent potato skins at a record pace. We scurried across the airport and arrived just as the last few passengers were boarding, so no problem. There were even a few that boarded after us. We left about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and took off. Once again, the plane was far from full so we got to sit with a space between us. This won’t happen when it’s January or February, but it makes the flight a lot more comfortable.

Mexico: Day Seven

Last day!

Woke up a little late, so we started with an excellent room-service breakfast. Barb went to get chairs by the ocean, while I grabbed towels. We baked in the sun for a bit, watch an argument between some Germans and Quebecois over reserving chairs with towels, then went for a long walk on the beach. The Mexican who showed us the condos for sale asked us half-jokingly as we walked by, “have you made a decision on my house?” As if he remembers us, that was almost a week ago!

We returned and went for lunch at the poolside patio where I had my staple, Tex-Mex nachos. Excellent as usual. Barb enjoyed her won-tons and steak. My arm got pooped on by a bird that was walking on the open-air roof over us, so we left before it found a better target.

We returned to the room for a break from the sun and to call home. Stephie and Sara said that Molly was doing a little better (she was acting sick, lying around and doing nothing, not even eating, so we suspected another bladder infection) so we were relieved. We called Lisa and Mike, but Mike and Amy were arguing so we had a quick chat with Emily. Then Barb called her parents who told us about the cruise ship incident and how her sister Betty went with her daughter and grandkids to Jamaica on a last-minute seat sale. How nice! Maybe now that Betty is retiring, she can accompany us on some trips.

We went back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon and grabbed what sun remained. Barb bought some jewelry from beach vendors, then we went upstairs to shower. Before dinner, Barb went and did some more shopping while I chilled in the room. We ordered room service for dinner instead of going to the Italian restaurant again. It was excellent. Room service is definitely underrated!

We spent the rest of the evening variously writing blogs and researching future trips! Oh and we started packing. Our bus comes at 9:30am tomorrow to take us to the airport for our 12:30 flight home.

It was an excellent vacation. With Stephanie, Eric sand Chloe living with us, and with me being crushed with work for the past many months, it was great for me and Barb to be able to spend some quiet time together. At the same time, we are missing our family and our puppies, and they are missing us, so it will be nice to go home.

Mexico: Day Six

Preferred Club breakfast no more! There were no eggs or French toast for Barb today, and apparently there were no eggs yesterday and she got the last piece of French toast, so that’s that. We went to the World Café for buffet breakfast, and we liked the impressive selection. Plus it was all fresh.

To the beach! It was overcast all morning, but warm, so we stayed under a palapa and read our books. Mine btw is another outlaw motorcycle gang-oriented read called Dead Man Running which is about a Bandito hang around who turns informant to Australia’s various law enforcement agencies and the obstacles, including political and bureaucratic, that intercede to put his life in danger, causing him to flee the country. Quite interesting, and quite different than what I read here last winter, No Angel, which details an FBI undercover agent’s two year operation. The former is about a  bad guy turning good, while the latter is about a good guy turning bad (almost).

We went for another kayak ride in the afternoon. It was rougher out there but still very nice. After returning we went for a drink in the infinity pool to cool off, then sat on the boardwalk lounge chairs to catch more sun. As the afternoon sun started to fade, we went back to the room and enjoyed a relaxing hot tub on the balcony.

After a shower and siesta, we got ready for Mexican night. They had set up for a big dinner by the pool, but sadly then had to cancel because it started to rain (lightly) just before it was about to begin. We headed to the World Café which is where they moved the dinner. Perhaps not surprisingly, there wasn’t much on the menu that I was into…

Mexico: Day Five

It was hot early. Ate at the Preferred Club again, then got a spot at the beach just like yesterday. After an hour or so in the hot sun, we went for a kayak paddle which was very nice and offered some amazing underwater sights with the crystal clear water.

We returned, swam in the ocean, then went to the pool for a swim and drinks. The sun was gone by this point but it was still nice and warm, so we read our bookstand dried off before going for lunch. Back to the room for a soak in the balcony jacuzzi, which was very relaxing. We showered and walked to the lobby to get our ticket home, then shopped briefly in the silver store. We got dressed for dinner and went to the Italian restaurant where we had the world’s record fastest three-course dinner, but mmm it was good. We were going to watch a movie back in the room but we’re essentially asleep right now so that’s not going to happen…

Mexico: Day Four

It was very warm to start the day and virtually clear, so we secured a palapa and chairs at the beach. Yet another breakfast in the Preferred Club started the day nicely, then we applied sunscreen and soaked up some rays. After a couple hours, we took a nice stroll north along the beach to see some other resorts, then returned and went for a swim in the ocean. Despite the jellyfish warning flag at our resort, there were plenty of others swimming and no warning flags were up at other resorts, and it turned out nice. That water is sure beautiful! There are some sharp-ish rocks in the water, unlike the beach, which makes it a bit unpleasant at times, but it’s a small price to pay.

After the ocean, we went to the infinity pool and guzzled back several drinks in rapid succession which, combined with a generous exposure to the baking sun, left us feeling a little tipsy. Plus we were well past lunch time, so after drying off, we went the poolside Ocean restaurant where I had Tex-Mex nachos (again) while Barb had won-tons and a steak (again). We went back to our beach chairs and rested before giving way to another wedding at the beach and heading back to our rooms for more rest and to prepare for dinner at the Italian restaurant (again!) while there I checked email and attended to a work issue!

Today was definitely the hottest and nicest day so far. As an aside, my skin, not the muscles beneath, was quite sore from the vigorous massage yesterday. Maybe I’ll take a rain check on the other massage I was considering…

Update: got lazy and ordered room service instead of going out for dinner. It was excellent!

Mexico: Day Three

Today we decided to visit the town of Puerto Moreles. We walked there in February from this resort but it seemed like a struggle, probably because I had terrible blistering from my sunburn. In any case, we didn’t feel much like walking around the town so we saw the leaning lighthouse and walked back.

We had another quick but pleasant breakfast at the Preferred Club (the bacon was far from crispy, unfortunately) then walked to the lobby to catch a cab to PM. We thought we’d walk around and shop, see the town, and then walk back along the beach. I took my new Samsung Captivate phone with the intention of using its GPS to track our walk.

We shopped at the limited stores. Pretty much the same stuff was available at every place: t-shirts, jewelery of questionable constitution, ponchos, hats, domino sets (!), and the like. We bought a few items including a cute little Corona cowgirl hat for Barb. Then we walked out on the pier to get a view of the town from the ocean. It’s a very nice little place and we quite enjoyed ourselves out there, until we saw a large fishing boat come back and dock. That’s when we noticed some poor sap making some horrible sounds as he sat on the boat puking his guts out! I felt bad for the others on the boat, including a couple ladies, who didn’t seem to have any trouble with the relatively calm sea. Put a bit of a damper on the pier walk.

As we made our way back to the resort by way of the beautiful sandy coastline, the waves were sometimes working their way up our legs to our shorts. That’s when I though I should move my cell phone to the bad so it’s protected from water. But I was unable to locate the phone anywhere! The thought of the cabbie or a subsequent passenger finding it and selling it on e-bay taunted me. Once we returned to the resort, which didn’t seem to take nearly as long as I’d remembered it would, I went to the front desk to report the loss and they said they would talk to the cab drivers. I was surprisingly optimistic, in (predictably) stark contrast to Barb, that it would be returned, and sure enough, after waiting 30-some minutes, the call came in that the driver had returned it to the resort. I claimed the phone and left a nice little reward for the concierge who orchestrated the search and the driver who was honest enough to return it.

By this time, it was early afternoon. The skies turned dark so we grabbed a quick lunch (pizza and a burger) then went to the on-site spa for a massage and facial. I had a 50-minute back and shoulders massage, and was astonished at the sort of pressure the tiny little Mexican woman was able to apply. Barb liked her facial too, and even fell asleep she found it so relaxing. Afterward we did the hydrotherapy circuit, had a hot tub and steam bath, relaxed in some lounge chairs, then had a nice outdoor shower. Extremely relaxing!

After a snack by the pool, we returned to the room to relax and read since the skies were quite menacing at sundown. Not sure if we’ll bother going for dinner tonight given that we ate our snack at around 5pm, but we’ll probably wander around and have a drink in the lobby before we retire.

Update: we ended up at the world cafe restaurant for a late-night dinner and returned with a DVD to watch in our room, but alas, I was unable to get the DVD to show up on the tv. It played sound but no picture, and yes, I checked the cables…

Mexico: Day Two

We are staying in the Preferred Club, which means we get such amenities as a close ocean view, free wi-fi, rapid check-in/check-out, and unlimited access to the Preferred Club lounge where they have private meals, premium drinks, and other benefits. Today we decided to try breakfast there and it was great. No hordes of people taking the last of whatever you are looking for at the buffet. No, here they have fresh food and lots of it, despite the place being empty when we arrived. Great pancakes, super-crisp bacon, hash browns, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, plus buns and my favourite, slices of swiss cheese. A great way to start the day.

Looking to avoid the sunburn debacle of Feb 2010, we caked on 30- and 45-block sunscreen and went top the beach where we stayed for the day. We intended to go for a medium walk up the beach toward Cancun, but spotted a dog just like our friends’ at the condos next door. I went to take a picture when a worker offered us a tour of the units that are for sale. Barb and I have often thought of buying a place in the sun so we thought, why not?

First up was a gorgeous and sprawling unit that overlooked the infinity pool and courtyard which in turn overlooked the ocean. It was huge at 3300 sq ft, and the price was a commensurate $1.3 million. Next up was an identical unit behind this one, but since it lacked the spectacular view, was “only” $800,000. The smallest unit was just over 2000 sq ft, and is going for $500,000. We met a neighbour from Calgary who was originally from St Vital, and he advised us that the other two 2000 sq ft units were also owned by Canadians. They were very friendly and showed us their unit which looked very cozy compared to the barren and under-construction unit that was for sale. The wife even offered us her phone number so we could talk to her if we have any questions. Maybe some day we’ll consider this, but certainly not today as it would require us to downsize our house, and we aren’t prepared to do that at this point. We returned to the resort to have lunch, then sat in the baking sun for a couple hours. When it started to get chilly as the sun crept close to the horizon, we went back to the room for a shower and siesta.

We had decided on eating at the Italian restaurant for dinner. Given my limited tastes, this is pretty much the only a la carte restaurant where I can walk away truly satisfied, so we were both looking forward to it. We badly missed our intended 6pm sitting, and instead arrived to receive an Olive Garden-style buzzer at 7:45pm. Estimated wait was 45 mins, so we wandered around buying some things for the kids and grandkids. We didn’t get seated until almost 9pm, by which point we were both yawning. The food and wine were good, and we left without dessert and fell asleep immediately once we returned to our room.

Mexico: Day One

Travel day! We woke at 04:30 and showered, then finished packing. Left for the airport around 05:35, boarded an hour later, and departed on time at 07:00. Flight was very quick, almost a half hour faster than usual at just under 4 hours. Mass confusion at customs as West Jet had given out the wrong forms, so we had to go to the end of the line and fill them out again. Irritating, but we had to wait for luggage anyway so nbd. Got on our tour bus and checked in at the Preferred Club, which means you don’t have to wait with everyone else at the front desk. Room is nice, 4th floor ocean view. There is a jacuzzi on the balcony and in the room. Pretty neat. Lots of little bugs like fruit flies I guess.

Today was a lilt chilly for the locals at 24C but it felt pretty nice to us. We unpacked and noticed that my medication was destroyed by a bottle of hairspray that had discharged, so we called the doctor who wrote a script and yada yada in 15 mins we had replacement meeds delivered. Crisis averted.

Ate lupper at the Ocean restaurant. The Tex-Mex nachos were excellent, the BLT barely passable. Barb liked her steak. Walked around for a bit, then had a siesta.

Went for dinner at the Japanese restaurant, but there was nothing I was interested in so Barb insisted on going to the buffet. They had pizza and excellent salad, so I left happy. We went for a drink in the lobby, and walked around taking night pics with my Sony NEX-5 which takes excellent low-light shots due to its large sensor. Now we are both exhausted so we are resting before we turn out the lights.