Hammer Time

After being teased with a stretch of above-average temperatures the week before last, this past week was a little cooler. Evening lows dropped into the minuses, meaning the streets usually had some ice on them when I woke up, preventing me from riding my new Victory Hammer into work.

I did manage to get in a couple evening rides, but those pale in comparison to the past 24 hours. Last night after a day of work, I hopped on and rode to Lockport and back, a 32km round trip. It was 3C when I started out and 1C when I returned. I was warm enough except for my legs which were covered by mere jeans. My face got a little chilly as well because I had the visor cracked open a bit to clear out the fog (gotta get some anti-fog solution pronto).

Today I rode to Steph and Eric’s just a little past Dufresne. We had a nice family BBQ. It was about 5C on the way there and slightly cooler on the way back, but this time I wore long underwear, so I was pretty comfortable even at constant speeds of ~120km/h. On the way back I had to crack the visor again, which led to teary eyes and some snots, but otherwise it was great.

In total, I put on over 125km in the past 24 hours. Not bad for March 21!


The streets were devoid of ice, and it was an unseasonably mild 4C this afternoon, so I took my new motorcycle out for a spin. It was the first time I had ridden it, and it was worth the wait. I wasn’t about to do anything too drastic considering there were some wet patches and areas of sand and gravel, but this machine has some serious power and torque. It is rock-steady and seems very comfortable.

I only went for a short 15km ride, just enough satisfy my initial thirst. If this weather holds, I expect to be commuting to work by April.