Happy New Year

The new year has started with a bang, super busy. Got a sweet 2008 Victory Hammer Premium from my wife for Christmas/40th birthday/mid-life crisis present all in one. Can’t wait for the first ride in a few months.

Work has been insane, but I had last night off because my Internet died. It’s still dead too. I have Shaw’s Nitro service, 100 megabits using the Docsis 3 modem. After lots of diagnosis, it seems as if some Docsis 3 device on the network may be at fault. It’s hard to troubleshoot becuase there are apparently less than 10 of these installed in Winnipeg, but apparently the problem started at about the same time as a power event in the city yesterday. They can install the old Docsis 2 modem but that won’t give the blazing Nitro speeds. We’ll see what happens, but it’s not looking good so far…

UPDATE: The problem was a dead port on Shaw’s end. Nitro is back but it’s not nearly as fast as it should be apparently. They are continuing to look into it.