I’ve always wanted to go to a big tech conference in Las Vegas or Phoenix. Heck, anywhere warm would fit the bill. The chance to fly and stay somewhere courtesy of my company PLUS learn some valuable new skillz would be awesome. So imagine my surprise today when I receive notice of not one but TWO conferences that are a perfect fit. Both are equally appealing but in different ways.

The first is Microsoft DevConnections in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay resort in November. This would be fantastic if not for the rather large US$1600 entry fee. I have no doubt that it would be worth every penny and a whole lot more, but that’s a fairly big chunk of change, plus I’d be giving up a week’s revenue, making it even more painful. Still the sheer number of sessions and the interesting topics is very tempting.

The second is much closer to home and in the dead of winter, but is only two days and much less expensive. It’s the Winnipeg leg of the Tech Days Canada 2009 tour, which naturally falls in mid-December. At only $300, it would be a fraction of the price, but it will feature something of a “best-of” list of sessions from various TechEd-like conferences put on by local talent. And as an added bonus, attendees get access to a disc and site containing all conference sessions, plus a one-year subscription to TechNet Plus, including several training sessions.

I will most definitely be attending the latter, and will save a week off work for some place warmer in January or February.

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