Good Riddance, Facebook

I deleted my seldom-used Facebook account today. Mike had mentioned that he recently got rid of his, and I read an article this morning about how careful you need to be etc which got me thinking.

Quickly browsing the people that I was linked with before committing to this action confirmed my thoughts. There are innumerable mindless comments strewn about “not sure what I should do today”, “thinking I should get a truck”, “got so drunk last night” etc. Pretty much what you’d expect from adolescents, but these are grown adults, seemingly starved for attention. By and large, nothing I’d be interested in reading. A couple people had some somewhat-useful technical comments but I can’t bring myself to wade through the noise. Plus seeing the privacy-compromising personal information that some of my dearest put on display in such a careless, cavalier fashion absolutely horrifies me. Good luck trying to get a job when a potential employer can so easily find this stuff. Then there are the sad old people (some even older than me!) who try to use Facebook to stay in touch with young ones. Do they really enjoy seeing pictures of their offspring drinking, doing drugs, vomiting, being passed out, or reading about same?

Note that simply deactivating your account doesn’t do much, since Facebook keeps all your personal information active should you ever log in again. This means your name and personal details are still there for others to see, you are tagged in photos, etc. It’s not really any different than simply not logging in, a clever ploy by Facebook to not give up your valuable personal information.

The link to permanently delete your Facebook account while logged in is Hopefully this post will motivate people to clean up their acts or delete their own account and get their lives back.

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