Tonight at 7pm Lisa decided to go camping. We were invited as is the ritual. However, our ritual is to go leech off them for a site and fire, enjoy their company and conversation, and leave for the comfort of our home a mere 15 minutes away from Birds Hill Park when it’s time to go to bed. That how Barb likes to camp, anyway!

Tonight’s was a short visit, but it was very pleasant.

Class 6 Success

Today I took my Class 6 road test. I wasn’t nervous during the test, but sitting there waiting I was getting a little anxious. I was totally confident in my riding abilities, but my aged 1987 Harley has manual turn signal buttons that need to be pressed continually to function. This makes it hard to signal when clutching or throttling because your thumb wants to move off the buttons as you move your wrists.

The tester gave me a wireless headset and radio and I showed him the bike and demonstrated its controls. He remarked on how amusing it was that they needed to ask this stuff because if you didn’t know such basic functions, how could you get the bike to the testing facility? After gearing up and starting it, we took off. The tester announced when I should turn etc, and I simply followed his instructions. After my first turn onto a residential street, I somehow remembered that I needed to shoulder check and signal whenever going around parked cars. I do not recall having to do this when I was 16, but I do recall my daughter telling me about this when she was taking drivers ed back when she was in high school. I think I lost 15 of my 20 points in the first minute because of this. Actually I thought I was perfect but thinking back, there was one strange portion of the test where I think I changed tire tracks without signaling and/or checking. In any case, I lost 20 points, well shy of the 40 you’re allowed. It would have been a quick fail had I not remembered Stephanie telling me about those parked cars, so thanks, Steph! I’ll take you for a ride now that I’m legally permitted to.

Speaking of which, I went for my first night ride tonight. I must admit, it was quite exhilarating. There were lots of bugs, but only a couple were squashed onto my face shield and jacket. I may have to make this a nightly event to help unwind.

My awful earache came back this weekend, so I went to the doctor’s on Monday. The diagnosis is: middle-ear infection. As a prize, I get a course of antibiotics and eardrops, plus I need to keep my head out of the water 🙁

Back to Work

I went back to work on Tuesday. It seems like I have been away for so long but it was only a week. It only took two days to catch up on everything and today was productive. I am considering taking a day a week off for the rest of the summer for a variety of reasons, including house work, other projects, and relaxation.

Vacation Ache

Our week with Bonnie and Rod is almost over. It started out fun with great weather and lots of fun in the pool, but I started to feel sick and a cold sore erupted. Worse, I developed a wicked earache that peaked this morning around 5am. It was so bad that I was considering seeking medical attention, something I probably should have done by now. I took a couple Advil and went back to sleep and awoke several hours later delong much better. Hopefully it continues to improve.

Bonnie and Rod are here for one more day before heading off to BC to continue their holidays. Ranger is convalescing back in Ottawa so he’ll be happy to see then when they return next week.


Holidays officially began yesterday with a round of golf at Grand Pines GC followed by a very nice barbecue at Steve’s and Laura’s cabin. Golf sucked (57+48=105) but I had flashes of my old self when I wasn’t losing one of my 15+ new balls in the impassable bush. Derek was impressive as usual with his ability to hit the long ball, while Steve matched him with an 89, the highlight of which was an eagle on the 9th made possible by a brilliant 235yd second shot to inside 10 feet which he calmly drained. He bought us lunch to celebrate (plus I had no cash on me!) The BBQ was great, but time flew by. I swam in the lake (the only adult who dared) and played football with the kids, and we celebrated Bryan’s belated birthday. I got home much later than I’d planned, around 11:30pm.

Barb’s family arrives tomorrow so it should be a fun-fulled week. Regardless of what others want to do, I will be spending most of my time at home by the pool. I only get a week off this summer and I need to relax, regardless of what everyone else wants to do.